Circular Economy

Circular Economy - The Key to a Sustainable Industrial Economy

Circular economy instead of linear economy: In March 2020, the European Commission presented an action plan for the circular economy. It contains proposals for more sustainable product design and aims to reduce waste and strengthen consumer rights. The action plan is part of the European Green Deal and the new EU industrial strategy. German industry is particularly committed to the protection, economical use and recycling of natural resources. It will continue to make an important contribution to the realisation of the circular economy goals.

You can count on us. Whether it is the implementation of regulatory requirements or the establishment of competitive incentive systems, we have been advising private and public companies for many years on issues of circular economy law and the corresponding ancillary laws, including their relation to the foundations of the law of the European Union. We build on this and work with you to implement a corporate strategy aimed at conserving natural resources and further reducing climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions.