Raw materials and commodities

Raw materials and commodities - the indispensable building blocks even in the age of the digital and IT economy

Germany, like Europe, is dependent on raw materials. This has been a fact for years. While in the past the focus was more on securing the supply of raw materials on the various commodity markets, now, in times of intensified trade wars, questions of raw material security and raw material recycling are increasingly taking centre stage. They, too, are European-dominated because of the advanced economic integration of European markets and the far-reaching European competences, especially in the areas of environmental and climate protection, energy, but also the multi-layered foreign trade and competition instruments.

We bring these areas together: Environmental and energy law, contract and distribution law as well as foreign trade and antitrust law. We see ourselves as advisors who not only know the legal requirements for the commodities industries, but can also bring them together for your project in the sense of an integrative approach. Only these solutions are convincing in the long term.